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Positive impact can be financially rewarding

We always test the viability of our business cases to ensure they will be both good for the planet and financially rewarding for our stakeholders.

Potential for impact

Our Venture Developers are constantly exploring the planet's environmental and economic problems – seeking out issues that need attention right now. From surging emissions levels to diminishing recycling rates – we have it all on our radar.

Opportunity for innovation

Once we've decided on a problem space, we create a Root Cause Tree, connecting all the dots to form a complete picture – not just of the problem but of the people and ecosystems impacted by it.


From here, we ideate to come up with an innovative concept that will make sense for the planet and our future stakeholders.

Ideation phase
Once a product concept is mature, the Concept Gate of the Venture Process is passed and the venture moves to the Validation Phase.

Test and learn

In this phase, we develop and test hypotheses in the market to establish whether or not there is a real demand for our concept and to find business models that give it the best chance of succeeding.

Real customers, a real impact

We base our decisions on real customer insights to make sure we would make a measurable difference in their lives.

We test our idea against frameworks like the Impact Business Model to align the revenue potential with the planned social and environmental impact of our venture.

Validation phase
Once a concept has been validated, it passes the Validation Gate and moves into the Build Phase. This is where we make the shift from a concept to a product.

Product Development

After hypothesis validation and some proof of traction, we start to invest money in product development and team hiring.

The core venture team remains focused on the product, while the NEEW Ventures team offers support with HR, legal, and other operational needs.

Opportunity for innovation

During the Build Phase, we establish a product-market fit using the Success Criteria or Pivot Criteria we created in the Validation Phase.

We test our successes against our Impact Plan and make revenue projections to make a case for future investors to commit capital toward the commercial development of our product.

Build phase
When the Build Gate is passed, our product is ready for the pitch and spin-out

From venture to company

When the product has a strong enough foundation to scale, the venture is spun-out as as an independent company and the lead venture developer becomes a founder with a brand new set of tasks ahead.

Ongoing support

The venture founder is tasked with fundraising and relies on the NEEW Ventures founders and other stakeholders for strategic guidance, investment, network growth, and much more.

Scale phase
Now we are one step closer to the circular economy and future of endless resources 
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