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Corporate Venture Building: An Introduction

In recent years, many companies have taken a new approach to innovation by establishing their own venture builder programs. These programs, also known as corporate venture builders or corporate accelerator programs, are designed to help companies create new businesses, products, or services in a structured and efficient manner. By leveraging their expertise, resources, and networks, corporate venture builders aim to bring new ideas to market and drive growth for the parent company.

What is a Corporate Venture Builder?

A corporate venture builder is a subsidiary of a large company that focuses on creating and launching new ventures within the company. These ventures are typically startups that have the potential to become profitable businesses in their own right, but they are also designed to provide strategic benefits to the parent company. The goal of a corporate venture builder is to develop and grow new businesses that can generate revenue, provide a source of innovation, and offer a competitive advantage to the parent company.

Is NEEW Ventures a Corporate Venture Builder?

Yes! We are the Venture Builder for EEW in Germany. EEW is in the business of generating electricity from the combustion of residual waste, and they have 18 waste-to-energy plants across Europe. EEW has tasked us with finding new business opportunities to drive sustainable impact – not only in the waste treatment business – but in the circular economy as a whole.

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