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The Problem

We are faced with an unprecedented energy and climate crisis in Europe, and yet, the green energy potential of organic waste, such as food waste, is vastly underutilized and causing harm to the environment.

Not only is infrastructure for biowaste collection and treatment often missing, but mostly, people do not care or feel engaged enough to adopt the right behaviours. Waste treatment is happening far away, the process is opaque, and there is no benefit for waste-bringers to go the extra-mile.

The Solution

We empower households and small businesses to directly contribute to the energy transition and fighting the climate urgency.

We set-up local, decentralised, energy communities who leverage the power of their own biowaste to generate bioenergy they can directly use to their own benefit, while closing the circularity loop by returning the residues as bio-fertilizers to local soils.

We increase engagement thanks to transparency and direct retribution of the energy, and at the same time reduce the emissions from the waste and energy sectors.



Validation Phase

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Caroline Aumeran
Venture Developer

We are on a mission to create a mass movement around circularity of organic waste, to accelerate decarbonation and deliver sustainable energy to communities.

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