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The Problem

We observe that companies don't do enough to prevent harmful global warming, even though many of them have committed to ESG targets. At the same time we observe that the pressure on companies to improve their environmental impact is rising from all sides: regulator, financial industry and the general public.

We believe that companies generally lack knowledge and transparency on how their decisions for GHG emission reductions impact their profits because they cannot translate the information. Admittedly, there are many different aspects to this effect that need to be taken into account. This makes the matter complex, too complex for now…

The Solution

With CATE we offer an engine that cuts through the complexity by translating all the different dimensions of how a company’s climate impact affects their profit. We then condense it into one financial indicator: Estimated profit impact of climate action: EPICA.

The result is a performance indicator that can be added to any business case calculation for strategic decision making. Companies will benefit from structurally and transparently incorporating their climate impact into decision making with increased profits. Additionally, they will evade unforeseen risks of negative climate impact.

CATE strives to help companies make better decisions for themselves and for the world around them.



Validation Phase

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Carl Wuppermann
Venture Developer

We enable companies to better reflect climate impact into their decision making by applying our Climate Action Translation Engine (CATE) to translate Climate Impact into Estimated Profit Impact: EPICA

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