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    • Early-stage start-up founders in the circular and impact space

    • Post-grad students with an impact idea backed by their research

    • Senior business professionals with a impact-driven concept

  • The IBMS methodology has been developed by Richard Georg Engström, who is an entrepreneur, investor, advisor and your future mentor. Richard created IBMS to help start-ups gain clarity and quantify the real impact their sustainable solutions can have. This in turn helps investors in their decision-making process and start-ups to get funded faster.

    • Impact business modelling online workshops (Impact Statement, Impact Plan, Circular business model, Impact Metrics)

    • Individual one-on-one sessions (to put the knowledge from workshops to work for your start-up/concept)

    • The main requirement is that you have a solid business idea within the circularity space. We are open to all maturity stages. You can apply as a solo founder or with a team.

  • This program is free for all selected start-ups/teams. The cost of it is covered by Neew Ventures.

  • The maximum intake for this program is 10 start-ups/teams. We decided to keep it deliberately small, so that all the teams can get as much personalised support as possible.

  • All the classes will take place online, kick-off on September 11th and final presentation will be on site at the NEEW Ventures space at Berliner Str. 80-82 in Berlin. You’re always welcome to come by for collaboration, idea exchange and networking.

Registration closed

Richard Georg Engström

IBMS Founder & Head coach

If you have a business idea in the circularity space and struggle with building an impact-driven business model, this program is for you. We will help you make the impact of your start-up measurable, operational and profitable through Impact Business Modelling System methodology. 


How do we measure the impact of new sustainable solutions? How can we convince investors to fund sustainable solutions that can bring true breakthroughs and slow down the climate crisis?

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Circularity Hub Impact Program

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