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Bridging the

circularity gap

We build an ecosystem of circular economy enthusiasts to collaboratively turn ideas into successful ventures.
The circularity Hub is a platform for
knowledge exchange, networking and co-building

We build an ecosystem of circular economy enthusiasts and collaboratively turn ideas into successful ventures.

We accelerate the transition towards the circular economy by minimising waste.

We are a platform for knowledge exchange, collaboration, networking and co-building.

Bridging the

circularity gap.

Our economy is only 7.2% circular. Too many resources are cast off as waste, leading to increased pollution and depletion of natural resources. We must bring back more materials into the circle to build a better future.

Why do we care ?

How are we different ?

We don’t only offer support & mentoring -

we’re in the trenches with you. 

We’re a hands-on partner that helps turn your idea into reality.


  2.Venture ideas


Our process

We build ventures for the circular economy. Our first stream, dedicated to carbon removal technologies, will start on September 1st 2023.

NEEW Ventures Engine

Our Events

Our Programs

Regular Meetups

In a mood to solve some big circularity challenges and network?

Join us for an evening with snacks, drinks and fresh ideas.

Problem Parade

There’s no guarantee that great circularity companies will scale.

But we can help solve existing bottlenecks through collaborative brainstorming. 

Solution Soiree

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Circularity Hub IBMS Programm

Join our free 6-week program to develop your circular business model. Make your impact measurable, operational and profitable.

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Circularity Hub MVP Bootcamp

Join our program to bring your MVP to life in 6 weeks full of workshops, building sessions, and expert guidance

May 23rd & 24th


Let's develop

impactful and innovative business models in 2 Days

Our community meets

up regularly for pitch,

networking & hackathon events. Never miss an event by subscribing to our newsletter:

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