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The Problem

Trillions of euros will be passed on by Baby Boomers to younger generations in the next decades - that’s €101.4 billion in Germany alone every year.

However, only few people donate part of their wealth to good causes as part of their legacy… when 1% only of those assets could fill the Climate Finance Gap (source: OECD).

The world has changed in many ways in the past 50 years, and the environment has become an increasingly bigger concern.

Carbon emissions increased by 90% between 1970 and 2010, with the average person emitting 90 tonnes in their lifetime. At that rate of acceleration, the future is going to look very different for generations to come. 

All over the world, environmental leaders and changemakers of all sorts are coming up with new ways of living, consuming, getting around, doing business and producing goods. They are inventing innovative technologies to put us on a more sustainable path and solutions that will help restore our natural world, step by step.

But these projects need funding in order to reach maximum impact and positively change the life of future generations.

The Solution

Leveraging financial legacy for positive environmental impact.

That’s where Exhale comes in - helping people join forces to make a difference on a larger scale and build the world they wish to see for future generations.

We help people reverse their lifetime's worth of carbon emissions by connecting them with handpicked environmental projects aligned with their values and making it easy for them to support those financially, bringing them peace of mind and the relief they've done the right thing.

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MVP Phase

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Alice Baumgaertner
Venture Developer

We leverage financial legacy for positive impact

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