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The Problem

E-waste is more than a CO2 footprint.

It is the fastest growing waste stream world wide. By 2030, we will produce an equivalent of 400.000 jumbo jets worth of electronic waste per year! It contains a much higher quantity of valuable metals per ton compared to raw ore, but also dangerous pollutants like mercury & HCFCs.

Unfortunately, less than 20% of collected e-waste is properly recycled. Millions of kilos are shipped to landfills in developing nations, where we lose access to these critical raw materials. Meanwhile the local population is exposed to toxic hazardous waste, and pollutants leak into the soil, water & air.

The Solution

We all know, electronics are not trees. So why are we planting trees to create sustainable electronics e-commerce?

Consumers want to contribute to a positive impact of their purchases, but CO2 offsetting schemes have proven untrustworthy and obscure. Our solution is to offset the electronics footprint by funding & scaling direct e-waste collection initiatives.

For every purchase made through a retailer, we collect & recycle double the amount of e-waste from both developed and developing regions.

Minimise integrates into retailers' check-out flows as a white-label plugin. Retailers benefit from differentiating their offer from the competition and attracting a sustainability-driven target group, while also receiving our impact data for their sustainability reporting and communications.



Build Phase

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Stefan de Linde
Venture Developer

We enable consumers to offset the end-of-life footprint of their electronics purchases directly from within the retailers' check-out flow, by funding & scaling e-waste collection initiatives.

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