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The Problem

Most waste streams are extremely heterogeneous. What is in it has been difficult to capture and even more difficult to predict. This means great uncertainties for almost the entire waste recovery sector. WASTEER solves this problem for the first time: We help to analyse the waste streams and use this knowledge to make waste recovery more profitable and sustainable.

The Solution

Knowledge digitalisation - We bring together any existing knowledge about the composition of waste - whether empirical values, PDF documents or handwritten notes. Collected centrally, digitally and structured, this knowledge finally becomes usable.

Waste analysis - We use existing plant data such as the weight of the delivery, fluctuations in calorific value or emission peaks, as well as new camera and sensor technology. In this way, impurities, waste composition and potential emission drivers can be detected and traced back to the polluter.

Process optimisation - We determine the individual characteristics of each plant - from parking space size to desired delivery combinations to set emission limits. We combine these requirements with the collected knowledge about the composition of the waste to optimise and manage each plant more economically and sustainably.




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Benedict von Spankeren
CEO and Founder

We digitize and analyze waste streams in order to use them more profitably and sustainably.

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